Easy Linear Drum Beat

By October 2, 2013Drum Lessons

Linear drum playing is one of my favorite things to mess around with! There are so many possibilities for cool linear beats and fills. If you are wondering what linear drum beats/fills are, let me fill you in. Linear drum playing is when you only hit one drum or cymbal at a time. Thats it! Although that may seem unnatural and limited at first, you will quickly realize how it opens up a whole new world of creativity in your drumming!

Lets talk about the beat played in the video now.
The sticking pattern is K R R K R L R. So what do those letters mean? K=Kick drum. Any time you see the letter “K” is when you hit the kick drum. R=Right hand. The same concept applies as before, anytime you see the letter “R” is when you use your right hand. And L=Left hand. So in this beat whenever you see “R” you are hitting the hi-hat and when you see “L” you are hitting the snare.

The reason I used the letters for your right and left hand instead of what drum to hit was because I want you to be able to apply this beat around the kit and use different variations of it. One of my favorite parts about linear drumming is that you can play the same sticking pattern on different drums and it can sound like a totally new beat!

What are some of your favorite parts about linear drumming? What are some of your biggest challenges with it? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  • raul says:

    I think you should start your lessons with a drummer solo and finish them as well, that way people will see how cool is to be a great drummer, besides adding spice to the class you get a chance to show off a bit. Inviting.

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