Playing Drums To A Metronome

By January 21, 2014Drum Lessons

Playing drums to a metronome can be a big challenge for a lot of drummers! But as drummers, playing to a metronome (or a click track) is a really important skill to have for many reasons! First of all, as drummers we are the time keepers of the band, which means that we have to have a good sense of time and speed. Also, it is very common for us to speed the tempo up or slow it down during fills which can lead to a lot of confusion if you are playing with other people. So how can you improve your timing in playing your beats and fills? By practicing to a metronome!

In this lesson I teach you some easy ways to follow a metronome when you are playing a standard beat. And I also show you how to play to a metronome when you are playing drum fills.

What is your biggest challenge with playing to a metronome? I’d love to answer any questions that you may have in the comment section below!

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