Hey Friends! The question of the day is “what makes a drummer good or bad?” I’m sure you are thinking us drummers are going to answer that, but you’re wrong! We thought it could be even better if we talk to the industry professionals who actually have to play with us! And that’s why we have Steve Menoian of I Prevail joining us today to share some amazing insights with us. We also talk about Marks Zildjian K Kerope Ride and Gabe’s Benny Greb New Crasher Hats. So lets freaking do this thing!

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0:00 Intro Fun


5:59 What Is Mark Buying


16:31 Drummer of the Week! (Carson Gant)


24:40 What Makes A Good Drummer – Ft. Steve Menoian of I Prevail


1:16:38 Questions (Best Kits under $700 & Best Ways To Tune Drums)



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