Ah, once again I get to teach a lesson on one of the coolest and trendiest topics in the drum world right now: linear drumming. Linear drums are super fun to play because of how it can really open up your mind to be much more creative behind the drum kit. So lets talk about some of the drum fills that I’m going over in the lesson.

Linear Drum Fills

The first fill is the sticking pattern R L K. So thankfully the sticking pattern is super straight forward, but the hard part comes in when you start spreading that fill around the drum kit. This fill may take a little memorizing, but i think you will get the hang of it! Another obstacle that you may run into with this drum fill is that you are playing the fill five and a half times and that can be tricky. Right after your right hand hits the floor tom your left hand will come down on the crash and that will signify “beat one” of the next measure.

The next liner drum fill that I go over is a little easier on the mind. It is the sticking pattern R L R L K repeated three and a half times. And you just hit the snare, hi hat, floor tom, snare, and kick every time. The same rule applies in this fill as the last; right after you hit the snare the fourth time through the drum fill you come down on the crash with your left hand which will mark “beat one” in the next measure.

I have to admit this last fill is a bit more complicated in terms of sticking patterns, but think of it as combining the two fills that we just went over! The pattern is R L R L K – R L K. So you play R L R L K one time through and then you play R L K four times through. Which in a way makes it a little more straight forward than the other fills in terms of timing.
The coolest part about linear drum fills is that you can take all of these sticking patterns and play them around the drum kit in any way that you want! There is no right or wrong way to play any of these! I would encourage you all to put your own spin on them.

Thanks so much for watching! I hope that this lesson has helped you become a better linear drummer!