Let’s not lie here. We all know that getting critiqued sucks. It hurts our ego and it can send us down a spiraling path of despair leading you to live off of pizza rolls forever and never leaving your moms basement. Too dark? Yeah you’re right. But at some point or another your drumming will get critiqued whether you give it permission to or not. So how do we handle this and could it even be good for us? Gabe and Mark are also talking about the brand new Meinl 16″ Sand hats, 2 drummers of the week, and answering your questions. Lets get vulnerable!

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0:00 – Get early access to DBO Memberships


1:40 – Intro Fun


14:34 – Is Getting Critiqued The Fastest Way to Become A Better Drummer?


49:07 – What Is Mark Buying?


55:05 – Drummer Of The Week/ Who Are We Listening To?


1:03:30 – Questions! (Best approach to become more technical? + more!)


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