Welcome to The Drum Beats Podcast Season 2!! Holy smokes Mark and I (see Mark I said it right this time) are SO excited to be back (Gabe and Mark are back baby!) and we have some new exciting things coming your way! But first let’s talk about all of the unhealthy drum habits that we have to break in 2019! This is a good one. Seriously. It’s great. Let’s do it!

Top 10 Products of 2018 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrPOJWrL0Cw&t=19s

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0:00 – Gabe & Mark Mad Gab

14:56 – What is Mark Buying?

27:03 – Drumming Habits You Have To Break In 2019

1:02:09 – Questions (holy crap there’s a lot of questions)

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