Practicing the drums is fun! Well it should be. Sometimes. In this episode we teach you the best ways to practice efficiently behind the drum kit and how to build a routine as well. We also have a slew of awesome updates (including how AMAZING the firegrain drumsticks are.) This is also the last week to review the podcast to win a stack cymbal and some sticks, so jump on that business! We might even just review your review on the podcast. But be careful, because if you review our review of your review, we might just then have to review your review of our review of your original review. Here we go!


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0:00 Intro Fun

2:00 Question (Beginner Cymbal Suggestions)

13:26 Updates (Marks Promark Firegrains, Spizz Cymbal, Other Stuff)

20:50 What Is Mark Buying

32:40 How To Build A Practice Routine & Practice Efficiently 

55:40 Questions (Best Beginner Songs To Learn, Warm-ups, & more)


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