Mark and I have made history in episode 4 of the Drum Beats Podcast because we were actually in the same room recording together for the first time ever! Which basically just means that we laugh more. In more relevant news, this episode we talk about whats new at summer NAMM, some of my experiences playing drums this summer at Warped Tour, how to find your perfect snare drum, and way too many other things. This is our best episode ever. Seriously. I mean I’m not sure. But it definitely is.

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0:00 Intro Fun

5:47 Drum News (Summer NAMM, Darren King leaves MuteMath)

21:18 What Is Mark Buying?

35:57  How To Find Your Perfect Snare Drum

1:05:27 Questions (Effective practices for learning songs, What to know about the music industry before being in it)


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