Playing drums outside is starting to become second nature to me! It is just a very freeing feeling, however I don’t think my neighbors appreciate it. But oh well! I had a lot of fun making this drum cover, I tried to use a lot of “Paradiddle-diddles” in my drums part and I think it worked well!
<strong>Ok well what the heck is a paradiddle-diddle?</strong>
A paradiddle-diddle is a sticking pattern of <strong>R L R R L L</strong>. Because this sticking pattern (otherwise known as a “rudiment”) is a group of 6 notes, it creates a really cool rhythm when you are playing with a 4/4 time signature.
Anyway, to get the slow motion effect on the chorus’ I had to play the drum part twice as fast. Then when I slowed the video down 50% it matched the original tempo of the song, but it leaves me playing in slow motion. Its pretty fun! I also threw a little paint on my drums for some added effect! Hope you guys like it!