This is a really fun topic for every drummer out there: Speed. Is it just me or does every drummer want to improve their speed? I think that for some reason a lot of people judge whether or not you are a good drummer by how fast you can play. Which is obviously no way to judge a drummer! But it still shows how important speed can be to the people who are watching you play the drums.

So in this lesson I go over two really great excersises to improve not only your speed in general, but your speed around the drum kit. I’ve noticed that a lot of drummers can have good speed on a single drum, but once they start moving around the kit things start to get really sloppy and inaccurate. So the first excersise that I teach is a really great way to speed up your 16th notes around the drum kit. And the second excersise is my favorite. It teaches you how to speed up your triplets around the drum kit in a really fun and exciting way! Not only does it sound cool but it looks awesome! I hope that this lesson has taught you more about how to improve your speed! Thanks guys!