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If your confused about how to get better gigs and build an online following, get The Career Climber Membership today! This incredible online membership will teach you proven ways to take your drumming to the stage, grow your online presence, and achieve your drumming dreams.

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“I now play in 3 different churches thanks to you”

I started without anywhere to play. I now play at three different churches thanks to you. I’ve had incredible progress by watching your videos and practicing them. Thank you so much!
Kevin, Student

“Teaching drummers to become professional and confident!”

These lessons are teaching drummers to become professional and confident. The way you teach from slow tempo’s up to speed makes a big difference while learning for a beginner drummer like me.
Anup, Student

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How many people have told you “You can never make a career out of drumming?” Well it’s time to prove them wrong. Don’t sleep on your dreams for one second longer. Career Climber members turn their drumming dreams into a reality.