Wow I can’t believe this is real life! So, I was fortunate enough to receive a 1924 Ludwig drum set that belonged to my great grandfather. Who was a professional drummer which I am just finding about about! I have to say that I was shocked when I got this drum set because I had no idea what to expect. My confusion was set in 3 phases.

1. Where is the hi hat? Well after doing some research I learned that the modern hi hat wasn’t around at this time. So it wasn’t even included with drum sets originally. Which really blew my mind.

2. Where are the toms? I was expected some really cool old toms, but what I got was a single small Chinese painted drum. And then I found out that those where what toms were at that time. Just a single Chinese drum with no floor tom. Super weird, but still really cool.

3. China cymbals were around at that time? I guess so! All of these Ludwig sets came with a china cymbal. Which is so weird because everyone was playing motown and jazz. I had always thought china cymbals were a newer invention for hard rock and metal, but apparently they have been around since before hi hats! Crazy.

So this thing is much more of an artifact than I had originally thought it was, which is super cool! Every piece of this kit is completely original! All of the hardware and I’m even playing with the original sticks! What the heck! I didn’t do any tuning to this kit before playing it so it definitely has some interesting sounds to it. This thing hasn’t even been touched in like 40 years!

So I hope you guys enjoy this video. The playing is obviously very different for me because I’m missing a lot of the key pieces that I’m used to having and I also don’t want to play this thing too hard either. Alright guys, I’ll see you next Tuesday!