Oh man, I love doing stuff like this so much! Playing drums in the back of a moving truck is probably one of my favorite feelings in the world! It combines three of my loves; drumming, nature, and moving really fast! But it also comes with a lot of challenges (big surprise.) One of those challenges is that I have a super small space available to fit my drums into. So that means I had to sacrifice all toms and crashes, leaving me with only a kick, snare, hi hat, and ride. So its hard to make interesting drum parts without all of those pieces! But if you have never experimented with taking pieces away from your drum kit, I would highly recommend it! It can really allow you to be more creative behind the kit.

Another challenge was trying to keep a steady beat while the car is turning or hitting bumps! And also making sure that my drums aren’t falling all over the place. But the challenges only made this cover more fun. I did a cover very similar to this one last year and I loved it so much that I wanted to make another one like that! Who knows, maybe it will be an annual thing! (Click here to check out last years cover.)

I must say, please do not try to recreate this! This is a dangerous stunt and I don’t want anyone getting hurt. I made sure that I was strapped down and going at a reasonable speed. Stay safe!