So I know what you’re thinking, the coolest part about this drum cover is that there are NO TOMS! Oh wait, I guess it’s cool to be playing in a moving truck, I mean whatever. But in all seriousness, this drum cover was so much fun to make! Playing drums in a moving car is super invigorating and it just feels right. But because I had to fit my drums in the bed of a truck I had to make sure that I had enough room back there. Which meant that I had to make a drum part with just a kick, snare, hi-hat, and crash. And I was actually really pleased with the result! I always have a lot of fun when I take away parts of my drum kit because it really forces me to think of how to be creative with the little things that I have.

I hope you all love this cover! I had a blast making it and I think you should all expect more drum videos like this one! But I have to warn you all to be careful! I was strapped down when I filmed this and I would not advise others to try and recreate something like this because I don’t want anyone to get hurt!