I’m so excited to let you all know that I have a new drum lesson pack called “Speedy Foot Lesson Pack” coming out on Tuesday November 24th! These lessons and exercises are going to help you improve your overall foot speed and control in a HUGE way! I’ve noticed that a lot of drummers (including myself) have really been ignoring the kick drum when it comes to their practice times. But let me tell you that this is one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make! Over the past few months I’ve realized how VITAL it is to have great control and speed over your kick drum pedal(s). It makes your fills sound better, it makes your grooves sound fuller, and it increases your overall control and creativity behind the drum kit.

So I’m so excited for all of you to check out this new lesson pack because it will help you become a master of the kick pedal in no time! Allowing you to become a much better drummer. So I’ll see you guys on November 24th!