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Your Drumming Will Only Grow If You Have A Path To Follow

But there's a problem...

  • • Nobody has given you a path
  • • You don't know what to practice
  • • Drum lessons are expensive
  • • What you've tried so far isn't working
  • • There's information overload
  • • You don't know how to get started
Drum Beats Online Academy has a personalized path for you to follow that will help you reach your full potential on the drum set. It's easier and cheaper than other lessons.

Your Membership Includes...

World Renown Course Library
Learn from hundreds of easy-to-follow lessons that are optimized for you to achieve the best results! New lessons added every week!
Drum Circle Community
Join the most positive & encouraging drum community on the internet. This is where progress is shared, friendships are made, and #smallvictories are celebrated!
Student Reviews
Have a struggle that you need expert advice on? Send over a Student Review to get an analysis of your playing and how to improve!
Direction, Feedback, & Support
Get quick answers to all of your drumming questions from Gabe and other incredibly qualified drummers!
Drum Hangouts
Join Gabe & your fellow members LIVE for a lesson, Q&A, Live Chat, Student Reviews, and giveaways!
Get instant gratification and move your way up the leaderboards as you receive points and badges as you make progress
Downloadable Notation
Each lesson comes with all notation & lesson notes in a downloadable and printable PDF!
Exclusive Interviews
Learn from incredible lessons from amazing drummers such as Harry Miree, Adam Tuminaro, David Cola, the AR rep at Meinl, and much more!
Practice Journal
FINALLY a place to log all of your practice notes and tempos, so you can make fast progress each time you sit at your kit.
Gear Giveaways
Every 2 months there’s a BIG gear giveaway to the student with the most achievement points!
Performance Tracks
Learn to play along with songs from many different genres!

Your Path To Succeed On The Kit

How DBO Academy works to help you become a better drummer and have more fun in the process!

Step 1
Find Your Drumming Path

Become a DBO Academy Member. Take the placement quiz to instantly have your unique path of lessons generated for your playing level!

Step 2
Follow The Courses

Watch the highly engaging & entertaining lessons and start seeing results immediately!

Step 3
Achieve Growth

Reach your full potential on the drum set while celebrating all of your #smallvictories with an amazing community of drummers along the way!

On Your Time

Every time you login there will be something fun for you to play! Only have time for 1 login a week? No problem! Easily save your favorite lessons or download the sheet music for later so you can come back to them at any time!

At Your Pace

Each lesson includes multiple "play-along practice videos" at slow tempos so you can play along to make sure you’ve got the beat down! Then you'll gradually increase the speed.

Who Is DBO Academy For?

DBO Academy is made for beginner to advanced rock drummers who want to drastically improve their skill and creativity on the drum set so they can have the confidence to play music with others, share their passion with the world, and reach their full potential as a drummer.

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Trusted By Drummers Everywhere

Michael Colonna Testimonial

"Gabe's lessons, content, and teaching methods helped to transform my drumming from awkwardly moving around the kit, to playing music with confidence."
Michael Colonna

Endre Knudsen Testimonial

"I was lost in my drumming path for years. But this has given me a path and direction that is challenging and makes me progress every day as a drummer. You have given me the confidence to play again and become a better drummer. Thank you very much!"
Endre Knudsen

Rodney Shanks Testimonial

"Joined today and having a blast! Tried other online lessons before but the lesson setup and the way you teach is by far my favourite!"
Rodney Shanks

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DBO is awesome, I’ve had a subscription for almost a month and I’ve learned so much. I have so much more control, and confidence. My drum fills went from four on the floor Tom fills, to some pretty sick rock fills. And like I said, it’s only been a MONTH! Another thing I wanna talk about is how absolutely fantastic the community is. They are so kind and caring for one another. It’s like one big family. And I’m very happy to be part of that family, and I know that if you join DBO academy, you will be too
Gary Allison
Kayla Klockler Testimonial
Gabe's website has truly been one of the best learning tools for me as a drummer. All his lessons are super detailed and informative to really help students to understand the lessons being taught, as well as being very entertaining and interesting to watch. Thank you Gabe!
Kayla Klockler
Colum Cleary Testimonial
DBO Academy is an incredible place to improve your drumming skill. Not only is there a tonne of lessons to help you improve your skills but, unlike many other sites I've used before, there is the ability to comment on lessons you are finding and Gabe will respond ASAP to try help you some more on your way. Little extra bits like this i find are extremely helpful in my drum journey.
Colum Cleary
This is hands down the best online drums course i've seen. Not only the lessons are really good and didactic, the teacher is super talented and quickly help us with any doubt we might have. The methodology used is on point for everyone who wants to play the drums, from begginers (like me) to professionals! And also, the quality of the videos are great and the website is super easy to use!
Matt Nord Testimonial
The care that goes into each lesson is top notch and the structure of the courses is fantastic. Gabe makes learning new things fun while you are being challenged. I can't recommend it enough! Especially in these times, it's nice to have an online resource that is so complete.
Matt Nord
Michael Prior Testimonial
I love DBO, the short sweet lessons, the team and the community. If it weren’t for DBO I would’ve been bored with trying to teach myself and quit. They are so supportive and provide feedback to your postings; they truly are involved! I have a community of people at my same skill level and we are able to share our struggles and victories. DBO is the BEST path for learning drums or becoming a better drummer. There simply is no better platform for learning drums. 10 out of 10.
Michael Prior
Anthony Espinoza Testimonial
I joined the academy hoping it would help me level up as a player. Gabe has set up an incredible system, easy to navigate, and the lessons push me to be better, the best thing I’ve done in years.
Anthony Espinoza
I love DBO. It motivates me to practice, and the lessons are really great! There is something for EVERYONE, which indicates the quality. The lessons are great, and you really learn something! 5 out of 5!!!
Tobias Jonassen
I never thought learning to play the drums online could be this efficient and easy! I might prefer this to in-person classes. The videos are positive/educational/clear, I can't get enough of this place!
Bobbie Jean
The resources available in DBO Academy are epic and as a byproduct I can now read drum sheet how cool is that. For about 50 pence a day I have the drummer of I Prevail and friends teaching me everything they know, 50p well spent I think. I am now learning my first song and super excited about where I could be in a few months/years making progress like this, it’s on. Thanks DBO Academy you rock, look forward to seeing you somewhere on your UK tour next year.
Fantastic website. I prefer DBO over other lesson sites like Drumeo any day. Same variety of content, but I feel DBO has better advantages and is easier to use. I've only been on here for a week but with the amount of lessons I did, I feel more confident than I did. I learned so many good warm-ups to practice, new fills, etc. Join if you're thinking about it!
Kyle Bopp
I have only been with DBO Academy for roughly a month... and I have seen steady results from day one. the website is easy to navigate, there is never any question on what i should be practicing the placement quiz put me exactly where I needed to be and With a great community of Drummers you can turn to to share frustrations and struggles with different perspective and support is only a keystroke away, joining the wait list was probably the best drumming decision I've made, second only to finally deciding to buy my Drum kit and get back to playing again!!!
there is no guessing, if you get stuck you have a community of fellow drummers going through exactly the same hurdles and helps all us stay motivated. if you never knew what a drumstick was, using DBO academy can change your life behind a drum set, the first time jitters sitting behind the kit is overwhelming and with the first 30 days you cant wait to get back there and showcase your skills. the confidence i have gained, the creative sounds I never thought i had flow from every angle and incorporating numerous beats and fills and being able to play along to your favorite songs still gives me goose bumps.
Lawrence Greenfield
Gabe is the best teacher I've come across. He breaks things down into simple bite sized pieces, allowing you to fully digest the concepts. The quality of the lessons are outstanding and he interacts/ responds to every comment! Always extremely helpful. Definitely the best investment I've made in a long time!
Adam Heck
Do you want to know how to play some drum? Then you're at the right place. You don't even know how to hold your sticks? Got you fam. Want to improve your life and become the best version of yourself? You got this! This place is one of the best community's i have ever witnessed. All thanks to gabe's undying support, positivity and mad skills behind the kit. Signed, One of the "beautiful friends".
Gabe is THE MAN! It's rare to connect with someone so passionate about teaching drums, let alone a literal rockstar who is accessible, responsive, and dedicated to supporting me. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.
Rob Cal
DBO academy is more than just online lessons, its a family. I started my drumming journey 9 months ago with absolutely zero experience. Since then I have grown from a beginner to an intermediate drummer and feel so much more comfortable behind the kit. Gabe is an incredible drummer, and an even more incredible human being. He really makes all of us here at DBO feel at home.
David Bennett
Absolutely brilliantly constructed site from your first point of contact. Really well thought through. One of the best features is that you are assessed, grouped and then given a syllabus. The content is articulate, well constructed and engaging. Best of all, send email and Gabe actually responds. You really feel part of a group. Worth twice the price.
Graham Salmons

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